If you are having problems viewing our Videos, please make sure your settings are correct on your device. Here are settings for various devices. If you have met all these requirements and are still running into trouble, please click on our Feedback link, or email Customer Support.

Desktop Browser Requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 40 or later
  • Apple Safari 4.0 or later
  • Chrome 40 or later

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may want to try to switch your settings to "InPrivate Browsing" to see if that helps you view the videos on IE.

If you are using Firefox, you may need to enable JavaScript, Java and plug-in execution for sites you trust with a simple left-click on the No Script Status bar icon.

Mobile Browser Requirements:

iOS Requirements

iOS DeviceOS Version
iPhone 48 and above
iPod Touch8 and above
iPhone 68 and above
iPhone 6 Plus8 and above
iPad 28 and above
iPad 38 and above
iPad Mini8 and above
iPad Air8 and above

Android Requirements

Android DeviceAndroid OSNative BrowserChrome Browser
Nexus 5ÂÂX
Samsung Galaxy S34.4.2XX
Samsung Galaxy S44.4.2XX
Samsung Galaxy S54.4.2XX

If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Support by going here: https://militarycom.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new